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Письмо президента WCF, информация о метриках.

Письмо президента WCF, информация о метриках.

Выдержки из информационного письма № 13  от  05.08.2019

Newsletter 13

...There are always discussions with exhibitors about the color of the presented cats.

At first is to say that the color determination on each exhibition is done before the actual judging by 2 judges. Afterwards, the cats can already participate and can be judged in the exhibition with the right color.

In addition, the WCF EMS color code 09 is often used for an undefined amount of white. However, it is stipulated that this color number is only used for lockets, bikini or medallion. Therefore there have to be rewritten numerous color codes at the exhibitions. Please also pay attention to using the correct color code when issuing the pedigrees.

Please note that kitten registration cards are prohibited and may not be issued in place of pedigrees.

There are often applications for World Champions recently, which were not correctly confirmed by the clubs or where the necessary 3 CACM were not obtained properly.

Finally, the general reference to the WCF website. There you will find a lot of information, the WCF rules and all necessary forms. Some forms have been revised. Please use the current versions.

Until next time!

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.